The Puerto Rico Retailers Association (ACDET), was founded in 2010. The ACDET is the official mass retail industry association  that represents a broad charter that includes an active government advocacy program, industry public relations, and numerous networking events.


The mission of ACDET executive team and members is to maintain a favorable economic climate for retailers and their suppliers to grow and prosper. We advocate effective public policy and exercise collective influence  on behalf of the retail industry before legislative, regulatory and judicial bodies to promote advancement of the retail industry in Puerto Rico.

We represent an industry in Puerto Rico that generates more than 150,000 jobs per year, collects more than 60% of the state sales tax and pays more than $500 million in other taxes and  fees.

By supporting ACDET’s operations, we all  Win… A healthy retail marketplace creates jobs and promotes sustainable growth of many other industries, including manufacturing, distribution, transportation, shipping, real estate, insurance, financial services, construction and many others. So our local economy and  island will keep growing and  can offer a better quality of life for all residents .

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  • Representación de Industria Sector Privado

Regardless of size, retail format or merchandising niche, a retailer in good standing that conducts  business in Puerto Rico can benefit from membership in the ACDET. Together, we can advance your interests in state government, provide unique educational forums and promote strategic communication as the voice of local retailers.


It is a fact that ACDET’s government retail advocacy efforts have demonstrated effectiveness in our ability to lobby and influence proposed legislation. These results have confirmed our ability to support our member’s retail operations with responsible public policy.


ACDET will wage a strong campaign for the best possible environment in which to do business in Puerto Rico and will keep members informed about evolving laws, regulations and critical issues that have a direct impact on the profitability of their businesses

Our Values


Alliances, Integrity, Relationship Building, Commitment,  Social  Responsibility,

Diversity, Sustainability, Representativeness, Education,  Impartiality

Trust,  Leadership


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