• Cirilo F. Cruz-Tejeda, Esq., LGA Strategies, LLC.

  • Antonio Rosado, PhD., Economist

  • O’neill & Borges

  • McConnell Valdes

  • Estrella LLC

Executive Committee

  • Ivan Baez, Walmart - President

  • Eddie Leon, Best Buy - Treasurer

  • Irma Perez, Novus Shoes - Secretary

  • Jose Gonzalez, Pepe Gangas - Vicepresident

  • Coral Cummings, Walgreens - Vicepresident

  • Lymaris Otero, Executive Direction Consultant





  • Francisco J.  Uribe, The Home Depot

  • Julio Reyes, Petsmart Puerto Rico

  • Ambar Gay, Macy’s

  • Victor Mena, Holsum/Pueblo

  • David Soto, Costco Wholesale

  • Susset Reyes, JC Penney

  • Jack Barlia, Rooms to Go

  • Francisco Pérez, Sprint

  • Alberto Cruz, Allied Logistics

  • Victor Dominguez, Puma Energy

Retailers, as entrepreneurs, are extremely busy with the day-today opportunities and challenges that occur in today’s business environment. That is why you as a retailer need the ACDET working every day, as your partner, to ensure your company’s sustainable and profitable operations.


Board of Directors

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