The Voice of the Retail Industry

One of the highest priorities of the ACDET is to ensure that  tax reform policy, labor laws and regulations promote positive growth within the Puerto Rico  retail community while conserving competitiveness and sustainability.

Our retail industry association targets your needs and is widely recognized as one of the strongest and more effective organizations advocating  its industry position.  Thanks to the collaboration of a specialized network of advisors in economy, labor, fiscal regulations and other important matters, we have showed tangible results and  have a record of demonstrated success  in our mission.


ACDET has helped to fulfill the common and best interests of the local retail industry actively addressing the following issues among others:


  • Closing Law

  • Consumer Protection Regulation

  • Sales Tax Law and Regulation

  • Puerto Rico Labor Reform

  • Minimum Wage Law

  • Retirement Pension System

  • Tax Reform

  • Health and Family Department Regulations

  • National  Gross Receipts Tax

  • Alternative Minimum Tax for Corporations

  • Foreign Corporations Tax Law

  • Amendments to Black Friday and Special Offers,

       Regulations (Department of Consumer Affairs –“DACO)



Each year the ACDET will publish an Economic Study about the Retail Businesses and Industry, which contains a deep economic impact analysis to the retail industry, medium and long term industry forecasts, structural economic scenarios and critical and up to date information of the industry; the above as a reliable source and tool for your business planning and assumptions.  And as a valid source of information and reference to present more robust statements and public appearances in favor of our industry to political and private audiences.


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