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The Puerto Rico Retailers Association (ACDET), was founded in 2010.


Retailers, as entrepreneurs, are extremely busy with the day-today


Our retail industry association targets your needs and is widely recognized as...

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22 de agosto de 2024 Centro de  Convenciones  San Juan PR


This space is exclusively for active members of the Puerto Rico Retailers Association.

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The Puerto Rico Retailers Association (ACDET), was founded in 2010. The ACDET is the official mass retail industry association that represents a broad charter that includes an active government advocacy program, industry public relations, and numerous networking events.

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Our Values

Alliances, Integrity, Relationship Building

Commitment,  Social  Responsibility

Diversity, Sustainability, Representativeness

Education,  Impartiality

Trust,  Leadership

The mission of ACDET executive team and members is to maintain a favorable economic climate for retailers and their suppliers to grow and prosper. We advocate effective public policy and exercise collective influence on behalf of the retail industry before legislative, regulatory and judicial bodies to promote advancement of the retail industry in Puerto Rico.

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Year Review 

Board of Directors

Board of Directors



Executive Committee

  • Jose Gonzalez, Pepe Ganga - President

  • Ivan Baez, Genera PR - Past President

  • Irma Perez, Novus Shoes - Treasurer

  • Coral Cummings, Walmart - Secretary

  • Jack Barlia, Rooms to Go - Vicepresident

  • Lymaris Otero, Executive Direction Consultant


  • Eileen Ortega - Walgreens

  • Francisco J.  Uribe, The Home Depot

  • Javier Aponte, Petsmart Puerto Rico

  • Ambar Gay, Macy’s

  • Victor Mena, Holsum/Pueblo

  • David Soto, Costco Wholesale

  • Susset Reyes, JC Penney

  • Alberto Cruz, Allied Logistics

  • Wanda Perez, Esq., Liberty Puerto Rico

  • Eddie Leon, Best Buy

  • Cristhian Caicedo, Procter & Gamble

  • Rigoberto De Pablo, Office Depot  


  • Cirilo F. Cruz-Tejeda, Esq., LGA Strategies, LLC.

  • Rafael Hernández, Esq., O’Neill & Borges

  • Dora Peñagaricano, Esq. & Antonio Ramírez, Esq., McConnell Valdes

  • Alberto Estrella, Esq., Estrella LLC

  • Vicente Feliciano, Economist

Retailers, as entrepreneurs, are extremely busy with the day-today opportunities and challenges that occur in today’s business environment. That is why, you as a retailer, need the ACDET working every day, as your partner, to ensure your company’s sustainable and profitable operations.

The Voice of the Retail Industry

The Voice of the Retail Industry



Our retail industry association targets your needs and is widely recognized as one of the strongest and more effective organizations advocating its industry position.  Thanks to the collaboration of a specialized network of advisors in economy, labor, fiscal regulations and other important matters, we have showed tangible results and have a record of demonstrated success in our mission.


ACDET has helped to fulfill the common and best interests of the local retail industry actively addressing the following issues among others:


  • Closing Law

  • Consumer Protection Regulation

  • Sales Tax Law and Regulation

  • Puerto Rico Labor Reform

  • Minimum Wage Law

  • Retirement Pension System

  • Tax Reform

  • Health and Family Department Regulations

  • National  Gross Receipts Tax

  • Alternative Minimum Tax for Corporations

  • Foreign Corporations Tax Law

  • Amendments to Black Friday and Special Offers,

       Regulations (Department of Consumer Affairs –“DACO)

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Academia del Retail

Academia del Retail


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Coronavirus Resources for Puerto Rico Retailers

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